5 Questions to Ask About Your Organization’s Execution

In previous blog posts, I have given you thoughts on how factors such as Strategy, Politics, Innovation, and Culture can be used to achieve Business Transformation in your organization. Today, I am going to talk about how these factors need Execution to be successful. Generally speaking, Execution is the act of doing or performing something. In terms of theContinue reading “5 Questions to Ask About Your Organization’s Execution”

5 Questions to Ask About Your Organization’s Innovation

The word “innovation” is often used in organizations to portray that they are somehow advancing their organization. But what really is innovation and who can and should innovate really depends upon who you talk to and what context and timeframes that person is referring to. Thus, it seems that innovation is something subjective but people doContinue reading “5 Questions to Ask About Your Organization’s Innovation”

5 Questions to Ask About Your Organization’s Strategy

If you have a strong understanding of how culture affects your organization’s strategy then you have better ideas of creating strategies that are truly transformative for your organization. Having said that, most organizations don’t take the time to strategize about strategy development processes and thus are not fully aware of the intended and unintended effects ofContinue reading “5 Questions to Ask About Your Organization’s Strategy”

75 Questionable Thoughts About Organizational Transformation

Strategies People Only executives can transform organizations Internal expertise have no/minimum value Everyone will be eager to contribute Processes Internal business processes and Information Technology (IT) processes don’t matter Interfacing processes with partners and vendors don’t matter All processes and standard operating procedures (SOPs) have been documented and followed without deviation Products Our products can’tContinue reading “75 Questionable Thoughts About Organizational Transformation”

5 Questions to Ask About Your Organization’s Politics

Politics in an organization is about influencing others by using official and unofficial power. Official power comes from management titles while unofficial power comes from peers, juniors and even outsiders. Every day in organizations official and unofficial power is used to (1) frame problems, (2) influence changes and (3) make/guide decisions. This power can affect organizationalContinue reading “5 Questions to Ask About Your Organization’s Politics”