– Who is at fault?

Credits: Arsalan Khan, Ed Heironimus, Francis Wisseh, Maryam Moussavi, and Udhayakumar Parerikkal 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This research paper analyzes the Center for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS)’s project in detail and makes recommendations on what could have been done differently. The project had 55 federal contractors working on it but this research paper will concentrateContinue reading “ – Who is at fault?”

Budget Sequestration is Real even if it is not…

Yes, I know the data is old but bear with me on this. According to a 2003 Brookings study on Public Service, the U.S. Federal Government is composed of 3,900 political appointees, 2.7 million civilian personnel, 1.5 million uniformed personnel, and 5.6 million federal contract workers. This means that the federal contractor workforce is greaterContinue reading “Budget Sequestration is Real even if it is not…”