Information Capabilities Framework (ICF)

Credits: Albert Santiago, Alex, Arsalan Khan, Guneet Gill, and Maryam Moussavi

ICF 1 - Introduction
ICF 2 - Abstract
ICF 3 - Key Findings
ICF 4 - Recommendations
ICF 5 - Overview
ICF 6 -.Market Maturity
ICF 7 - Technology in Depth
ICF 8 - What ICF aims to do
ICF 9 - How NOT to use ICF
ICF 10 - Market Clock
ICF 11 - Hype Cycle
ICF 12 - Implementation Approach
ICF 13 - Adoption
ICF 14 - Magic Quadrant
ICF 15 - Deployment Risks
ICF 16 - Competitive Advantage
ICF 17 - Implementation Timeline
ICF 18 - Bottom Line
ICF 19 - Recommended Reading

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Identifying Organizational Maturity for Data Management

The maturity of an organization is determined by how that organization can collect, manage and exploit data. This is a continuous improvement process where data is used to make strategic decisions and strategic decisions are made to collect data that creates competitive advantages. But in order to create strategic advantages through data, an organization needs to have data management and related processes in place to discover, integrate, bring insight and disseminate data within the entire organization. In terms of data, organizations need to understand where they are currently and where they want to be in the future and thus they need to ask the following questions:


In the Future

Who receives the data?Who should receive the data?
What happens to data?What should happen to the data?
Where does data come from?Where should data come from?
When is the data being shared?When should data be shared?
Why data is collected?Why should data be collected?

After an organization understands and documents the above then they need to develop metrics to measure the relevance of their data as it pertains to the entire organization. Since being a data-driven organization is a continuous improvement journey, organizations can use the following adaptation of the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) to determine their maturity of data management and related processes:

Data Management Maturity Levels
Data Management Maturity Levels

Additionally, organizations can have governance and processes that can help them assemble, deploy, manage and model data at each level of CMM as shown below:



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