How To Save Tweets Using Free Tools

Twitter is a great free tool to send, receive and share micro (small) messages (aka tweets) with other Twitter users. These tweets are limited to 280 characters (as of writing this post) and can include images and videos. Once you login to your Twitter account, it defaults to Home where you can see your timeline. This timeline shows all the tweets from the users that you follow on Twitter. These users can be people and/or organizations.

Your timeline can get long (would seem like infinite scrolling) if you follow many users and those users post at different times of the day. This means is that you have to be constantly checking Twitter to see what other users are tweeting about. For most people, this can be very time-consuming. No worries, there is a solution (a little applet) that can help.

Here is what you will need:

  1. Twitter Account (free)
  2. Google Account (free)
  3. IFTTT Account (free)

Here are the steps for IFTTT:

  1. Log in to IFTTT
  2. Click on New Applet
  3. Click on ‘+this’IFTTT 1
  4. Click on the Twitter serviceIFTTT 2
  5. Click on the trigger ‘New tweet by a specific user’IFTTT 3.png
  6. Type the Twitter user name you want follow and click on ‘Create trigger’IFTTT 4
  7. Click on ‘+that’IFTTT 5
  8. Click on Google SheetsIFTTT 6
  9. Click on ‘Add row to spreadsheet’IFTTT 7
  10. Verify what information you want in the Google Spreadsheets rows, the Google Sheets location and then click ‘Create action’IFTTT 8
  11. Verify applet information and then click on Finish.
    IFTTT 9

Congratulations you have created an applet on IFTTT! Now, simply go to your Google Sheets and see the tweets being collected automatically!

But wait there is more! The tweets that you are collecting can be used to do many things such as:

  1. Easily search through the Twitter user’s tweets
  2. Determine when (day and time) the Twitter user is most active
  3. Determine the most words used by the Twitter user

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  1. Don’t forget to link your Google account to the IFTTT account
  2. Google Sheets don’t count toward your Google account size limit
  3. Google Sheets have a limit of 2000 rows (by default) but more rows can be added
  4. Adhere to all rules and regulations pertaining to Twitter, Google, and IFTTT

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