Why does McKinsey think it makes sense to fly out its 23-year-old junior associates to different cities every week?

  • Has Aetna thought about big data harmonizations across industries?
  • Do you think doctors should be taught in school to get involved in technology even before a start as doctors?
  • Do video analytics help influencers become super salespeople, or is it just gut feeling?
  • Can Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) create biases and make us more lonely through technology?


  • How much business process reengineering Antares Capital had to do to go to the cloud and what were the cultural impacts of it?
  • Is Coursera using video analytics to improve content creation?
  • Is Chief Digital Officer similar to a consultant?
  • Is Customer Experience just another excuse for Business Transformation
  • Would Artificial Intelligence (AI) be used to assess contractor proposals? 
  • What is the role of a CIO in Digital Transformation
  • What kind of experimental labs do you have? 
  • What are the different types of innovation
  • Is it fair to say that digital transformation is the business process re-engineering of our time? Or is there something different here? 
  • Who is responsible in business when makes decisions based on big bad data & bad algorithms? 
  • How did you balance transformation efforts with changing yearly objectives in light of new &
  • Why is that only technology folks needs to know about business? Why not have business folks know what technology can do too? 
  • In terms of Digital Transformation, how would your prioritize among Strategy, Politics, Innovation, Culture and Execution.
  • The US Government is creating Federal Healthcare Architecture. Is there something similar and bigger at the World Health Organization? 
  • What happens when 3 year strategic plans & business models become obsolete due to tech & workforce advancements? 
  • Do you think gender disparity is the cause or effect of pay gap and differences for the same jobs? 
  • Can Federal contractors be an obstacle or a catalyst for innovative change in Federal government even if it hurts them? 
  • Do you think social media is a good avenue to create initial buzz and referrals for an enterprise company? 
  • Europe has different privacy rules than US. How is dealing with providing customized services? 
  • What is the most important factor for transformation (people, processes or technology)? Why? What were the challenges? 
  • What data and information exchanges have been setup in the Healthcare industry?  
  • Most people are good but sometimes in organizations they turn bad and do very negative things? 
  • What is the impact of your previous impact as a Management Consultant has had on what you do today? 
  • When you talk about things like user experience for example, is it better to hire user technologists and teach them, the marketing, or hire marketers and teach them the technology? 
  • How tech-savvy should do privacy officers need to be, in order to give functional requirements to engineers? 
  • Have you encountered shadow IT and what do you do to change the mindset of your customers about it? 
  • How do you strike the balance of being direct and just being rude? 
  • Given the diversity of your team and your stakeholders and your constituency, how do you drive consensus so that the changes that you’re describing can actually take place? 
  • How do you make this available to customers who are not data scientists, who just simply want to use this data?
  • What is the success rates of these companies, and in addition do you need to have a patent before you can apply for an SBI funding grant? 
  • Where does the Chief Digital Officer report to and does this matter? 
  • When you’re talking about first improving the operations and then transforming, would it help if the CIO and the COO, the Chief Operating Officer were the same person? 
  • What role does culture play in innovating? 
  • Does HCL take lessons that you learned on client engagement and apply them internally inside HCL and if so how do you do that? 
  • Can mindfulness itself lead to biases, and if so how do you deal with that? 
  • What’s the best way to promote your material? 
  • How would you go about creating and engaging communities for enterprise business solutions? 
  • Can you provide examples of skills that have become obsolete and what are we being taught that is relevant? 
  • What do you say to an executive who disagrees with data? 
  • What is the relationship between marketing and IT? 
  • Are you able to connect KPIs to technology performance metrics – SLAs? 
  • Do you have your own home-grown AI engine and how long did it take you to develop? 
  • How a company can become a digital network and what is the process or the steps through which they need to go? 
  • Is there a smart city model that you have used or learned from as you’ve been constructing your smart city in Palo Alto, CA? 
  • What kind of cultural barriers do you see among your customers when they are trying to embrace collaboration? 
  • Does Mozilla teach customer reps from other organizations how to interact with customers and generate a community? 
  • How do you decide what is strategic and what is operational for IT? 
  • Do you think there will be one ID system for the internet like the social security numbers of the future? 
  • What kind of processes did you rethink and how did you measure their importance or lack of importance? 
  • What is the future of data analytics going beyond user experience
  • Data is a strategic asset and so how do you value it in financial terms so that the CFO gets it? 
  • What about specific industries that Accenture is hoping to learn from? 



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