3 Benefits and Challenges of Content Management Systems (CMS)

Content Management System

Content Management System (CMS) is a software system that helps to organize and facilitate the collaboration of content. Some of the benefits and challenges that could arise from/during implementation and use of CMS are discussed below:

  • CMS Programmatic – In a CMS, content, display of content, content revisions, canned functionality, integration with other systems and security mechanisms can be manipulated programmatically. This means that organizations can set content display schedules, allow only a revision from certain people and even set the level of security for those who have access to the content. However, these benefits come with the following challenges:
    • Due to this programming aspect of CMS, technical experts are required to develop, update and maintain the CMS. Depending upon the complexity of the organization, this type of programming can prove to be costly to the organization.
    • CMS is susceptible to hackers who can programmatically manipulate content and content displays that can result in loss of organizational reputation and perhaps even customers.
  • Content Authorship – One of the benefits of a CMS is that users don’t have to worry about display of content since it is already predefined through templates and thus there is no knowledge or use of HTML required. However, content authorship can result in the following challenges:
    • Users are stuck with the presentation templates that have been created and do not have any flexibility in changing them easily.
    • If content authorship is centralized and it has to go through an approval process then this can create bottlenecks if approvals are not done in time.
    • If content authorship is distributed then how does the organization make sure that the content being created complies with organizational policies?
  • Training on CMS – The other benefit of CMS is that once it is created, people have to be potentially trained in only one system that is being used for content creation, distribution, and collaboration. However, CMS has challenges when it comes to training especially when it is first being rolled out. These challenges include:
    • Since CMS is a system users have to be trained on how to create content that complies with the policies and procedures being used in the system. Depending upon the user base, this training can prove to be difficult if people are not willing to change their habits.
    • Ineffective and complex training can lead to a CMS no one is willing to use.
Content Management System
Content Management System


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