How to use AppleScript to search for jobs on and

This video shows how you can use AppleScript to search for jobs online.

In addition to automation of job searches based on your keywords, this script gives you the ability to reduce the email job alerts that you get in your inbox since you have a choice not to sign-up for them.

Although this script has to be initiated by you and you can set it so that it runs at a certain time.


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3 thoughts on “How to use AppleScript to search for jobs on and”

  1. Arsalan, thanks, for the response. I will have to use Vbscript since it is the scripting language for Microsoft. There are compatibility issues with VB6 and Windows 8, but I will research how to rectify that problem. Have a productive day! God bless.


  2. Arsalan, this Apple script was built to operate on a Mac System, do they have a script for Windows 8. Thanks for sharing this message. Greatly appreciated. God bless.


    1. Hi Andria, you are correct. This Applescript can only be run on Macs. I am not aware if there is an exact equivalent in Windows but people have indicated that Auto It, Wscript and vbscript might be close to it. Also, if you slow down the video, you can see how it works and perhaps could write something similar in Windows.


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