Privacy Policy is a blog that is read around the globe. In this spirit, is issuing this global privacy policy around why readers’ data is collected, what readers’ data is collected, how readers’ data is collected, what readers’ data is sold and how long readers’ data is kept. So, I welcome you to come along and understand what happens with readers’ data:

Why readers’ data is collected

Generally speaking, collects minimum readers’ data to provide services. These services entail informing readers of our blog about latest blog posts, conducting polls and targeted advertisements.

What readers’ data is collected

Directly, typically collects the following readers’ data:

  • Name
  • Email address

How readers’ data is collected

  • When readers’ subscribe to
  • When readers’ use contact form
  • When readers’ share blog posts
  • When readers’ comment on posts

What readers’ data is sold does not sell readers’ private personal information. works with partners (Privacy Policy here) & MailChimp (Privacy Policy) to provide the best and relevant services to the readers.

How long readers’ data is kept

Directly, readers’ data is kept as long as they:

  • Subscribe to
  • Share and blog posts
  • Comment on posts